In the 80’s, everyone heralded films like Rain Man and Gandhi. They obviously overlooked a gem called Student Confidential. More importantly, they overlooked the performance of one Richard Horian.

It’s been suggested that this is the worst ending in film history. But how could that be true with so much acting going on? In fact, Richard Horian acted the shit out of this scene. Even his hair seemed to be performing.

The expression “gamut of emotions” does injustice to the man. Every reaction is exuded, with the possible exception of wrath and grumpiness.

Not even his co-star’s hip-street-lingo could divert from Horian’s multi-faceted gaze. And when he sheds a tear at the end, it’s because he knows there is nothing left in his soul to explore. Never before has ‘The End’ been so apt and poignant.

Other scene-stealers like Al Pacino (with whom Horian shares an uncanny beard resemblance) would shy away from climbing into the acting ring with him. Whereas Pacino would probably resort to a blank, deathly stare (AKA lazy acting), Horian would be totally owning the screen with emotions not experienced since the Israelites observed the parting of the Red Sea. (AKA biblical proportions.)

Unsurprisingly, Horian also directed this film, proving that he’s not just a pretty bearded face. Above is a longer scene, offering more comprehensive insights into his style. (Including a villain eating ice cream, Kenny Loggins sending gang signals with a lighter, and way too many other artistic choices to discuss.)

From now on, whenever someone dominates every actor on screen, I’m going to give them the ultimate compliment: that they ‘Horianned the scene’. (And eventually shorten it to ‘Horizzled the scene’.)

Thought I heard some acting back there.

Thought I heard some acting back there.