A quick update as Mugg and Bean’s Hotspot Deathclock (TM) has only given me 10 minutes to let you know what’s happening to this site. Well to start with… it’s mostly written in Latin. I thought it might be a new online trend for 09, but the Perel brothers tell me that it’s just dummy copy. Anyway, CSS is their language of choice. Brilliant.


I’m busy moving, so whenever Telkom can figure out how to get my ADSL re-connected, then the show can continue.

In the meantime, all the past JACKasts are available at http://feeds.feedburner.com/JACKast. And I should be interviewing British comedian Rob Heeney this week, who is said to to be the funniest person on the Isle of Man.

Then there’s the task of figuring out the nuances of WordPress.