There are many shows about surviving under an avalanche for a week; or how to build a deserted island shelter out of leaves, dung and tears. But there aren’t really practical nature guides telling you what you should be eating when you find yourself caught in nature’s deathly grip. Thankfully, there’s the Bush Eater.

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Try dining out on Mother Nature for yourself. The Bush Eater recommends starting small, like eating random things in the safety of your garden. Perhaps an old root, or something that looks like mushrooms, but has the consistency of chalk. This will expand your palate and enable you to discover what’s going to close up your windpipe, and what’s going to be a full-blown delicacy that you can share with adventurous friends.

Eat from the bush, with the Bush Eater. (Hopefully on National Geographic or Discovery soon. Depending on who’ll pay the most.)

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Let's eat some bush.

Let's eat some bush.