Air Force: We want you to jump out of a balloon in outer space. Soldier: Yes sir, let me get my boots.

There was a time when you didn’t need health insurance because you never got ill. And if you did, it usually involved death.

Back in those days, the Air Force didn’t need permission from the UN to bomb someone. They could also make a man skydive from outer space for no other reason than ‘to see what would happen.’

Col. Joe Kittinger got this call and didn’t question his orders to jump from over a hundred thousand feet above the earth.

Notice that he doesn’t even get a paramedic putting a blanket around him on the ground – or a sponsorship deal or a press conference. No, instead Joe had a quick slash on a nearby cactus, and headed off to Vietnam, where he was shot down and became a POW for his troubles. Old school.

By the way, this is the third parachute-related post I’ve made in a row. There is no explanation for it.

I shouldn't have eaten that breakfast burrito.

I shouldn’t have eaten that breakfast burrito.