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Do you enjoy laughing and being successful? Then get
EMPIRE: How to Succeed with Nothing but Passion, Great Ideas and a Wealthy Family

A comedy memoir about strange family history, business sense and becoming a marketing guru and triumphant human being.

If you want to increase productivity, ban something.
It’s impossible to maintain business dignity with sweet gravy smeared across your cheeks.
They don’t handcuff you in first class.
As Samson demonstrated, going bald ruins lives.

Tell your friends and enemies. Just make sure they all get a copy.
Paraphrasing doesn’t help anyone.

Unpaid Readers Say:

‘Very, very funny’ ~ Diane
‘Your book totally rocks’ ~ Dean
‘Funny stuff, great writing’ ~ Cheryl
‘Very entertaining’  ~ Maya
‘It’s The Da Vinci Code Of Comedy’ ~ John
‘Couldn’t put it down, I read it in one sitting’ ~ Pat
‘Loving the book’ ~ Scott
‘I learnt a lot’ ~ Jayn
‘Pretty hilarious’ ~ Andrew
‘Fun book’ ~ Lauren
‘It made me laugh five times while reading it while walking home’ ~ Justin
‘I loved every second of it… Truly great comedy writing’ ~ Gavin
‘An absolutely hilarious and engaging book about the utmost extreme edge of where life could be’ ~ Don
‘Like a stand-up comedy set, in paperback’ ~ Peri
‘A brilliantly original and consistently riotous work’ ~ The Citizen newspaper


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