Get ready to rock the foundations of your work industry.

Brendan Jack combines his motivational speaking roots with crafty street smarts – all in a quest for complete business knowledge.

But why does he do this?
So that he can offer your company a presentation that will change the life of every employee, and possibly even make them question their very existence.

Offering a bespoke presentation for each client, Brendan researches any industry that needs him – from marketing to IT, mining to banking, telecommunications to dentistry. Anything. He’s not even daunted by the pet clothing industry.

And don’t be surprised if he uses PowerPoint or illustrations to make his point.

In the words of Brendan himself, “after my bespoke presentation, you’ll know that you’ve been bespoken to.”


Thumbs up, and so are sales


Yes, it’s possibly more humorous and less motivational and insightful than you’d hoped. But you’ve had enough clever ‘experts’ babbling on at those conferences, haven’t you? Good. This is a break from all that. Sort of like Tony Robbins meets David Copperfield meets your brother’s unemployed best friend with a lot of opinions.

Brighten up your conference, work party, event, or presidential function. Trust me, your staff need it, and your competitors are using it.

What clients are saying:

His level of research is mind-blowing, and so is his hand-speed when talking.
Leon Laporte, Technology Entrepreneur

Amazing, his passion is overwhelming and he often makes sense.
Webmaster for

What just happened to my brain?
The Department of Tourism

I wish I’d been allowed into the country to hear his thoughts on tourism.
The Dalai Lama

He went from a presentation to a conversation, then back to a presentation without us even knowing.
JP Morgan, Investment Banker

I lost my shoes in the excitement, I feel drunk.

Bill Gates, Bill Gates

His ideas made me cry dollars.

Donald Trump, Reality TV Star

He came to my island home and just did not leave. He may still be there.

Tony Robbins, Tall Motivator

“The dog and cat clothing industry will never be the same. Not meow, not ever.”
Friend of the Cat

Sharpen the axe of capitalism

Sharpen the axe of capitalism