Tiger Woods is officially the number-one-ranked philanderer in the world. Bill Clinton handed him the key to the City Lodge, after which they enjoyed a happy ending together.

South Africa seems to be one of Tiger’s favourite countries, as he got engaged here, and has now allegedly returned to receive treatment for sex addiction at Montrose Place in Cape Town. Montrose offers ‘luxury treatment and rehabilitation’, which I presume means they have mini-bars in the rooms.

I tried to lure Tiger with dancing strippers outside his window. He seemed to be salivating and fighting his manager to come downstairs, although I can’t confirm that it was really him.

Phat Joe and Paul Snodgrass at Heart 104.9 FM managed to get more compelling evidence when they called up the facility.

Listen below as they trap the manager with mind games.

Finally, can anyone confirm if EA Sports is bringing out a Leisure Suit Larry versus Tiger Woods game? Please let me know.

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