What you up to?
You know, at home watching DVDs with my cat, that sort of thing.
Can I come over?
Yeah, I’ve got something awesome to show you.

Relaxing at the Crib

I’m all for following your dreams. And if you’re lucky, your passion will become a full-time job. And that’s great, even if your new job is hanging out at home, dressed in a handmade Sci-Fi villain outfit.

Is this just another day in Baltimore or Wolverhampton or Parktown North, or is there more to it?

Does this guy (and it has to be a guy) ever go to the mall in this gear? I know what would happen if he arrived at a nearby pub dressed like this… it would look like a red scarf had been ripped to pieces by a neighbourhood dog.

Things to consider:

Notice how scared the cat is of the photographer. Yet the cat is not phased by a giant red evil-Klan-monk.

Is it because the photographer was brought up from the cellar and ordered to take this picture, hence the cat being wary? Does the man being held captive in the cellar sometimes manage to drink the cat’s milk, creating resentment in the cat?

And let’s not ignore that DVD menu on the TV.  It looks like a home-authored menu, made on a PC with an untrackable IP address. What’s on that DVD? Could it be something that would make the producers of the Saw movies throw up on their leather jackets?

Too cute for Disney.

Too cute for Disney.

A few more questions:

a) How many times do you have to watch Flash Gordon and The Black Hole before you combine Ming the Merciless and Maximilian?

b) Does he prefer living as his Second Life avatar?

c) Is it an Anna Wintour-inspired Abu Ghraib prison creation?

d) Do his kids get embarrassed when he shows up at school sports days?

e) Is there money to be made here?

f) Is he a real Star Wars Imperial Trooper, fired after the Emperor was killed by Vader?

Let me know.

What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?

What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?

Semi-related: Not all Superheroes need Good Graphics.