A music mix – mostly for the Indie kids – but you might find a few tasty extras amongst it all, including Wings and the most powerful 80’s rock ballad ever. There are few who can resist punching the air to the chorus of Sister Christian. Try it for yourself. Even Drone Metal fans can’t stop themselves.

Pass it on, and support these artists. They’re all doing it for the good of humankind.

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Grizzly Bear –                        He Hit Me
Schwab –                                DJ’s in a Row
(Audio excerpt from ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’)
The Kills –                              Tape Song
The Kills –                              Alphabet Pony
Television –                           Marquee Moon
Kurt Vile –                             Beach on the Moon
John Cooper Clarke –          Evidently Chickentown
Simian –                                La Breeze
Paul McCartney & Wings –  Silly Love Songs
Night Ranger –                      Sister Christian
Moody Blues –                      Go Now
Danielson –                           Trumpet
White Denim –                      Sitting
Rye Rye & MIA –                  Tic Toc
TV On The Radio –              Crying
Travis –                                 Hit Me Baby One More Time
(Murderface Phone Interview)
Jane’s Addiction –               Jane Says
Au Revoir Simone –            The Way to There
The Breeders –                    Night of Joy

There’s also an all-organ based mix here, with artists like Arcade Fire, DJ Shadow, James Brown, Tom Waits, Arctic Monkeys, Wolfmother, Beck and others. Let me know if you need a tracklist.


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