We’ve reached the zenith of capitalism. You can now create a custom urn in the image of your dead loved one or favourite celebrity. This person has obviously chosen Karl Pilkington as their personal hero.

Don't mean to stare.

“Personal Urns combine art and the very latest in technology to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations.”

Who’s not going to enjoy polishing the head of a family member on a floating shelf next to an unread copy of Atlas Shrugged and wilting Woolworths flowers. And why not do it for every deceased family member? Collect the whole set.

You’ll always have something to chat about when the boss comes over for dinner. And kids birthdays will never be the same.

“Yes, that was my aunt. Her cremated body is inside her head.”

Taping them down would probably be wise. The image of a loved one’s cracked face, with their ash scattered all over the tiles is probably going to leave a disturbing and enduring image.

They come in 2 sizes and are wig-ready. Even if the deceased preferred to wear his cap backwards, I’m sure that would also look good. And not weird in any way.

I’ve just ordered a Paris Hilton urn to keep my biscuits in. And am considering a Val Kilmer version to store coins.

Here’s the site to order yours. Who’s on your list?

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