With the FIFA Soccer World Cup almost upon us, there’s understandable panic from organisers. Will the Durban Stadium sky-ride and the Gautrain be safe? Will Mugg and Bean in Sandton City offer proper laptop plug points for thousands of Austro-Prussian tourists wanting to Skype their spouses and convince them of fidelity?

Amongst the commotion, one city isn’t stirring because it’s been ready for centuries: Krugersdorp.

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When tourists tire of visiting the same malls and theme restaurants they visit in San Diego, Seoul and Birmingham, it’ll be time to hit some alternative sights.

Just set the rental car’s GPS for the City of the Near Future. Entry is free to everyone, even other South Africans who haven’t ventured further West than the Bryanston Organic Market.

See you at the pool hall. (More Inside Snoop webisodes at Vuzu.)

His and Hers on the Kill.

His and Hers on the Kill.