Every now and again a product surfaces that makes you question how you ever lived without it. It’s often a product that makes you exclaim, “That’s so obvious, I could’ve made that!”

The Wearable Towel fits into neither of these categories. But it does come close.

Looking cool at the beach or pool has never been easier. And I’m sure that hipster kids will blow fashion minds by wearing them to malls and clubs as well. Won’t you hipsters?

And rightly so, because it’s a towel… that you can wear as a stylish garment. All without any social shame.

Results may vary according to how fat you are.

Results may vary according to how fat you are.

Friends may even don them at the same time and jump into the air holding hands. (If the marketing picture is to be believed.) Imagine how jealous your friends will become when they realise that they don’t own one? It might even start a fight amongst the couples who showed up sans Wearable Towel. Blushes all round, except for the trendsetters.

Patent is pending, but not for long. Not when the Patent Office realise what a boon to capitalism they’re sitting on. It’s also available in red, white and blue. Because nothing says ‘national pride’ like a towel you can wear. For bulk orders and to send praise, visit their site.

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I've got the look, now just need to learn how to read.

I've got the look, just wish I could read.

There's no 'i' in foursome.

Towelled down after another successful foursome.